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The Work

ATM offers a broad range of services for a diverse range of clientele. See what we’ve done for just a few.

Las Vegas Monorail Transportation System & OMSF Building

ATM was granted the contract for this unique facility due to our expertise in designing and customizing a foolproof work plan for each facility that we service. ATM has held the contract, and maintained it full steam ahead since the opening of the system in February 2004. Due to the 7,000-volt electrical panels that power the trains, all ATM personnel trained to work in this facility go through extensive safety training and testing.

Extreme Home Makeover Television Show

In March 2009, the ATM team volunteered services to the hit TV show “Extreme Home Makeover.” ATM teams started every morning at 4:30 a.m. and stayed until 2:00 p.m. from the first day of demolition to the final touches on the day of the big reveal. ATM was responsible for all phases of cleaning, from the rough hauling of materials created by the demolition to the final detail clean performed only minutes before the family arrived to see their new home. It was truly a unique and rewarding experience for all of us. If given the opportunity, we would do it again!

AMR / American Medical Response Ambulance Company

As with any 24/7 operation, there are special site challenges that must be met. Again, ATM meets those challenges in servicing this facility, with a customized, detailed, functional plan that suits all shifts. The ATM personnel working in this facility must remain focused at all times, and therefore cannot have their jobs interrupted - ATM personnel are skilled at working around this very sensitive operation, while keeping the buildings sparkling clean.

CDW Logistics

CDW is a unique, 500,000 square foot facility and maintaining it requires many specialized ATM services: High Maintenance cleaning, Glass, Carpet Cleaning, Data Center, Stripping and Waxing, Pressure Washing, the use of specialty equipment, as well as janitorial Maintenance Services and Quaternary Surface Disinfecting.

Henderson International Schools

[3 Locations]

ATM maintains a high level of daily maintenance cleaning on all locations. Also used are specialty products designed to conquer the widely feared MRSA virus, Hepatitis, HIV and Staphylococcus bacteria and viruses causing such havoc world wide. High profile areas also include restrooms, locker rooms, cafeterias, gym equipment, drinking fountains, door knobs, and other areas that require ongoing disinfecting. ATM personnel are specifically trained in the use of these methods.

Vision Airlines

ATM maintains this 500,000-square-foot facility seven days per week. ATM personnel are entrusted to clean offices containing highly sensitive FAA information as well as the terminal, ticket sales area, gift shop, meeting rooms, offices, break rooms, restrooms, and the outside perimeter.