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Your reception area, the real first impression

Your customers experience starts as soon as they walk through the front doors of your business, and ATM knows there’s never a second chance at a first impression! When they walk into your building will it be a good or bad first impression? A wonderful way to ensure a good one is to have a Cleaning Service, such as ATM Commercial and Construction Cleaning Services, come in each night so first thing in the morning your space is ready to impress clients!

Walk into your building, do your very best to see things from your customer’s point of view, really pay attention to what a customer would see upon entering. Does your space give off a feeling of calm professionalism or is it hectic and dirty?

A lot of businesses don't have the authority to do much about harsh overhead fluorescent lights however you can try countering this with some low lighting around the reception area, such as lamps. Make sure to have professional, yet comfortable furniture. Instead of a harsh white, try painting the walls a neutral and friendly color.

Do not let customers see trash cans filled to the brim, mountains of files you can’t seem to find a place for, or dirt! Your organization and overall atmosphere should give people confidence in your business. With a little paint, a few decorations, and ATM! You can achieve a lobby and reception area to be proud of. Your customers will feel at ease while waiting to meet with you, which will lead to more business!