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What do you need? ATM/Annie The Maid is the Oldest & Largest cleaning service of it's kind in Southern Nevada, servicing 25,000,000 accumulated, commercially contracted square feet each month and providing Residential Cleaning for an average of 250 homes each week. In fact, ATM/Annie The Maid is in the top 10 of Companies in 4 Western States that can provide a long list Boutique-Style Cleaning Options. Our well-trained, friendly team is ready to serve you, too. WINDOWS CARPET HARD FLOORS? CHANDELIERS MARBLE WOOD? PRESSURE WASHING? YOUR BBQ GRILL & PATIO FURNITURE? GARAGE? GIFT CARDS?? GREEN OPTIONS?

Since 1979, ATM/Annie the Maid has been a respected, innovative and well-managed Company. ATM holds Federal Banking, FDA, FAA, FCC, Federal Parole and Probation, Federal and State Justice System security clearances and works within strict compliance to all regulatory agency requirements. ATM sets the highest standards for all staff and for the work we do. Don't Forget:  If it's GREEN you want we also have a very green thumb!

Call today to set up an appointment (702)739-8888.

To learn more, click ATM for our Commercial Services or Annie The Maid for our Residential Services.

Corporate Photo
Corporate Photo