Annie the Maid

Customer Service

If you wanted it done right, you should have called Annie! We carefully analyze your needs via interviews and in-depth, onsite location reviews. We listen and ask a lot of questions. Every job is different - from construction sites, to medical buildings, banks, offices and homes - and each requires a unique approach to cleaning. If awarded the contract, a custom checklist is provided. This checklist is updated as the contract expands and evolves.

ATM has a 30+ year track record of insurance coverage, licensing, billing and reporting. Job set-up includes scheduling, calculating the number of people needed, determining how many hours, days, months, or years it will take, and deciding what equipment products and materials are best suited for the job. We then conduct a team workplan session to make sure everyone knows what will be done and how. When the work is completed, we ensure you are happy with the results.